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Fran Best

Lissawell Coaching & Training. Leadership Coaching & Business Mentor
Home Phone: 0863968179 Website: Website: Lissawell Coaching with Fran Best


Photo of Fran Best
Lissawell Coaching with Fran Best

Leadership, Executive Coach & Business Mentor

Fran’s ability to coach and mentor with her strength, competence, and intellectual insight leads the people around her to translate strategic plans and ideas to realities. Specialising in leadership transformation & corporate culture change.

Values; truth, openness & trust.

A Resilient Business leader – Fran’s key attributes are finding the most efficient methods of delivering results through strategic planning.

Leadership Coach & Mentor to build the individual leadership capacity – Roscommon & Mayo LEO’s / Business process improvement Mentor – Sligo LEO / Business advice, human resource & sales, and marketing business mentor Leitrim LEO

With over 20 years’ experience working within the retail sector and 17 years’ in leadership roles in Ireland while collaborating with colleagues in the U.K and European districts in diverse industries, Fran works with leaders and teams to achieve strategic goals, brand development, and achieve the best results speedily.

Fran’s growth mindset allows her to adapt quickly to change and continues to study social and economic changes including Strategy, Corporate Governance as well as retail digital marketing advances.

With the belief that customers are the number one priority, Fran works with leaders to improve corporate culture, collaboration, talent development to achieve business transformation in uncertain circumstances and change. The processes Fran successfully implements results in profit acceleration and quantifiable metrics to be achieved. People count on Fran for insightful analyses and forthright judgements.

Focusing on values, strengths, behaviours, resources along with powerful tools, Fran use’s neuro linguistic programming techniques to build rapport enhanced by positive psychology techniques to resolve conflict, improve collaboration, and optimise performance to achieve organisational success.

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