Successful Donegal entrepreneur Jenni Timoney, of Doolittle Foods came to tell us her story. How a cafe owner (with no specific business training) in Donegal town makes and delivers 8,000 handmade sandwiches to 200 outlets around the country, everyday. Just think of the logistics! That’s everyday…
Jenni did this in 5 years and made it to the finals of Ernst and Young Entrepreneur. Winning new clients Aer Arann and Topaz, she is one of a small handful of genuine entrepreneur successes.

We were shocked and saddened to hear only 3 weeks later that Jenni’s business had gone into voluntary liquidation. In her talk she hadn’t hidden the brutal side of managing cash, expanding in an increasingly competitive and price driven market. We wish Jenni well and we fully expect see her back in business again.

by Amanda Scott Facilitator