SWIBN meet Women Mean Business on October 26th

We are delighted to welcome Rosemary Delaney, editor and founder of the unique Irish magazine – Women Mean Business WMB http://www.womenmeanbusiness.com

Rosemary has been involved in publishing for almost two decades as Chairman of the Irish magazine association – PPA Ireland, Director and Executive Member plus magazine representitive on the Press Council Steering Committee.

“Research clearly indicates that women are rising to the higher echelons in Irish and international business. In addition, more women in Ireland are engaging in entrepreneurial activities. This is not surprising as, if we look to our neighbours across the Atlantic the signs are most encouraging. The entrepreneurial boom isn’t just a guy thing! In the last 12 years, the number of women-owned businesses has doubled. In fact, 48% of all privately held companies in the US are at least 50% owned by a woman or women. Encouraging figures indeed”

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