Christmas Cocktail Night with BPW

23 exhibitors share an evening with Sligo BPW.

Here is what you told us afterwards

What did you like about it?

I loved the whole concept. It was great to be able to actually see what other members of SWIBN did. I feel that it was also a fantastic networking evening for everyone concerned. I really enjoyed the fact that we didn’t all disappear off afterwards, most people seemed to stay and socialise

What did you not like about it?

I’m not sure whether much was sold. I know we didn’t sell much but I think that the format probably wasn’t great for selling wine (who’s going to carry it around afterwards)

If we were to run it again, what could be improved/made better?

(1) get everyone to invite 2 people. Offer them something free (nibbles etc) to get a crowd (2)advertise externallly or (3) get hotel staff to tell all guests on that day or day before to come down and look.

Thanks to everyone who was involved, let’s take ideas forward for the next time

by Amanda Scott facilitator