SWIBN June Event: Overcoming Limitations in the Workplace

Hello Ladies!

It’s time for June’s SWIBN main event. This in person event will be taking place on the 28th June and will be all about overcoming limitations in the workplace. And who better to talk to us about this than entrepreneurship and innovation expert, Helena Deane.

During the session we’ll cover the ’7 Lessons on overcoming Limitations in your Work Life’:

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know
  2. Virtual insanity
  3. Imposter Syndrome as a myth?
  4. Breaking the Barriers
  5. The value of your work
  6. Asking for money
  7. 5 Tips for Business Planning

Helena Deane is an Entrepreneurship and Innovation expert, with over 20+ years of international markets experience and 10+ years of exposure to start-ups and SMEs. Through her work, she promotes and supports funding and investment, across multiple sectors. Helena dedicates a lot of her time to the promotion and enhancement of gender equality in entrepreneurship, including incorporation of gender sensitivity in business support delivery. She is also very active and knowledgeable in the field of European projects and European funding across a range of topics, combined with a variety of engagements pertaining to sustainability as interpreted by the 17 UN SDGs, circular economy and climate.

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