SWIBN February Event – Building Better Business Habits

Hello Ladies!

On the 23rd February at 7pm we’ll be virtually joined by Lynsey Hanratty who will be giving us tips on how to better our business habits.

The Building Better Business Habits workshop will provide tips on how to focus on the right tasks as you build your business and importance of developing good habits to combat overwhelm and procrastination. This workshop will help clear the cobwebs and give you renewed focus and motivation as you navigate your ever-changing business world.

During the workshop, Lynsey will discuss:

  • The one thing you need to do every week before planning out your business tasks
  • The most important thing to focus on in your business without fail
  • The one thing that will free up more time to work on your business than anything
  • else!
  • The most important productivity tip you can use for your business
  • The one thing you can’t do without as you build your business

If you want to learn ways to serve more clients, create more profit and improve your focus and strategy as you and your business emerge from lockdown 3.0, then this workshop is for you!

About Lynsey:

Lynsey Hanratty is a business coach and mentor for female entrepreneurs and a writer, podcaster and speaker. Lynsey’s mission in life is to help female entrepreneurs like you create a business that excites you and nurtures your talents and ambitions. She does this by developing your message, mission and mindset in business through tailored strategy, laser focus and a mindset overhaul. The result is a boost to your planning, productivity and positivity, resulting in a more meaningful and profitable business. Lynsey’s coaching style is a mixture of life and business coaching, helping you get the right blend of work/life balance at any stage of your business. If you want to know more about

Lynsey’s work you can find her on Instagram @lynsey_hanratty, and on her website at www.lynseyhanratty.com. Her weekly podcast – Your Mission, Your Message and Your Mindset in Business is also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

RSVP is free until 2pm on Monday 22nd February and can be done by clicking HERE. SWIBNers who register will receive the zoom link after this.