SWIBN April Event: Online Workshop on the Science of Resilience

Hello Ladies!
We hope you and yours are all well and healthy. After the success of our last remote session, we’re happy to report that April’s event will be facilitated online too! On Tuesday April 28th at 7pm Shane Martin will be giving this month’s virtual workshop on the topic of resilience during uncertain times.

Life is an imperfect journey and challenges are guaranteed. There will always be setbacks and misfortunes. Resilience is the ability to adapt to these challenges – within our personal and professional lives. It’s about bouncing back rather than falling apart. If you are strong in resilience you will have this ‘bouncibility’ and harness your inner strengths and coping mechanisms. In the current climate of an escalating pandemic businesses have been rocked to their foundations as they face a period of immense insecurity and uncertainly. We need toolbox of skills for coping. We need to learn how to thrive despite adversity.

Science has uncovered specific traits/factors that can be utilised at work and in our lives in general. This seminar will outline some evidence-based strategies linked to greater outcomes during challenge and change. Psychologists have investigated those who defy the odds and achieve greatest despite upheaval and crisis. The findings of this research are intriguing. They also harness hope. We all can develop strategies to help us box more cleverly through the tough times.
Shane Martin is a psychologist dedicated to teaching the very best evidence-based psychology to help people protect their mental health and enhance the quality of their lives. His Moodwatchers self-help psychology course has been delivered at venues the length and breadth of Ireland. His mix of no-nonsense psychology, stories and humour has allowed him to inspire and empower audiences in all sectors of society. His show ‘Wake Up! You’re Here!’ sold out theatres nationwide, including the Hawks Well, in 2019.

Shane has been a keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences on a range of topics around wellbeing, positive mental health, recovery, resilience and happiness.

He has provided training to hundreds of public servants and health professionals throughout Ireland (north and south) through their various representative bodies. He has worked closely with some of Ireland’s leading companies in the corporate world around areas like stress management and motivation. He is the author of best selling self-help psychology book ‘Your Precious Life -How to Live it Well’ (Orpen Press) and also a published poet of three collections – The Dark Room, Stilling the Dance of Time and Thin Lines which was published in February 2020.

Registration for this online event will close at 2pm on 27th April, after which Shane will be sending out the link for the session. You can register for this event for free by clicking HERE.

We’re looking forward to (virtually!) seeing you then!