SWIBN February Event – General Wellness for You and Your Business

Hello Ladies!

 February’s SWIBN main event is nearly upon us.

On the 25th February at 7pm in the Glasshouse Hotel, we’ll be joined by functional nutritionist Siobhan O’Farrell. Siobhan works out of Sligo offering consultations to clients on how to maintain optimum health. Maintaining good health can often be an afterthought when we’re very busy with work, but it’s so vitally important. When your health is poor, you’re more likely to need time off which is not good for business. There is more and more evidence showing that what we eat and how we live affects our moods. If you are constantly on a stress cycle and your stimulants of choice are coffee and sugar, you are not giving your body any building blocks to make good mood hormones. This is something we can all be guilty of when we’re busy!

On the night, Siobhan will be talking us through how to maintain good health when you’re at your busiest with work. Start the year off right by implementing methods of improving your overall health – your body and business will thank you!

RSVP is free when done via the link HERE. We can’t wait to see you all there!