SWIBN May Event – Women’s Health

Hello ladies!

For this month’s SWIBN event, we’ll be talking about something that can be easy to let slip when we’re focused on being succesful in business – health. Too often business people can put their health on the back burner in favour of working longer hours, taking on more stress and doing things that are not condusive to being healthy and happy. This month we’ll be joined by Ann Butler of Higgins Pharmacies who’ll be talking to us about all things health and wellness. Since October 2016, Ann and her twin sister Deirdre have owned Higgins Pharmacies and have become thought leaders on wellness in County Sligo. As well as the usual pharmacy services, Ann and Deirdre have introduced vaccinations, blood pressure and blood sugar testing, cholestorol testing and fertility testing to the Higgins Pharmacy chain.

On the night Ann will be discussing the concept of wellness and how this should be intrinsic to all aspects of your life, especially your business. She’ll be telling us about how wellness is more than being free of illness, it’s actually a dynamic process of change and growth.

There will be the usual opportunities to chat and network with fellow SWIBNers on the night. RSVP is FREE to this event and can be done by clicking HERE. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!