SWIBN February Event – Find Your Voice

SWIBN Tuesday is back, and this month we have something extra special. Professional speaking coach and trainer Maire Garvey will be with us, divulging her top tips for giving a killer presentation.

Being able to stand in front of an audience, whether it’s your peer group, the board of your company, or an audience interested in hearing your point of view, is vital to success in business these days. It is also a skill that can help people to become an expert in their field, which in turn can yield additional business for you or your firm.
The night will cover all the necessary skills to deliver a speech or presentation that is both informative and engaging, and will empower your audience to think or act differently. Topics covered include crafting the content so that it is engaging and informative; designing visual aids that will support and enhance the material, and finally, delivering the material in a way that keeps the audience with you every step of the way.

This event will be suitable for all levels. For those with no experience, it will give them confidence and a template for producing consistently good presentations; for those with some experience, it will improve on whatever they are already good at, and help them find alternative ways of doing things that have been less effective for them in the past. And experienced speakers will benefit from learning new ways of putting their material together, and a constructive critique of their presentation skills.

On the night, Maire will also be showing us how to utilise effective storytelling in our businesses. Many businesses don’t see where the ‘story’ is in their business, and yet most businesses have one that is of interest to potential clients, investors, etc. After this event, participants will have a template that will allow them to tell their story effectively to different audiences, which will raise their business profile and give them a reputation as a speaker of note. We’d ask that before you arrive, you have a 3-5 minute story prepared to practice on the night.

About Maire Garvey

Máire is a Professional Speaking Coach and Trainer, and works with people, individually or in groups, to help them become the speaker they want to be. With her clients, she crafts content that is powerful and engaging, whether that’s a 60-second pitch, a 10-minute speech, or a 45-minute presentation.

Máire is convinced that everybody can be a great speaker, so she works with them to bring out their own conversational and characteristic style of presenting that will make them stand out from other speakers, and make them memorable to any audience. She believes that becoming a great speaker raises their profile, attract more clients, and be seen as an authority in their field.

She is a qualified trainer (QQI Level 6), an award-winning Toastmaster, a One-to- One speaking coach, a speechwriter, provides tailored training programmes for corporate and voluntary groups, has done numerous radio and television interviews, and presented her own talk radio show for a time.

Máire also founded Dip in the Nip, Ireland – and the worlds! – first skinny dip for charity. The first Dip took place in Sligo in 2009, and attracted 120 women who raised €58K for the Irish Cancer Society. There are now 5 Dips annually all over Ireland, and it goes from strength to strength.

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