September #SWIBNTuesday | Confidence On Camera… Project Your Power on Any-Sized Screen

This September, SWIBNers will hear from Lottie Hearn, the Confidence on Camera Coach!
 It seems like cameras are everywhere for business marketing these days…
  • But what style of business video is really for you?  
  • How can you create simple, effective video without breaking the bank?
  • And how can you best present ‘you’ to those cameras to get the results you want?
Video has become the fastest growing promotional tool in our age of short attention spans and fast-paced living. 
Smartphone streaming, webcams and video open up a business boosting world of possibilities where viewers can buy in to our ideas, products and services by connecting to pre-recorded and live events online across the globe. Whether you are the expert at what you do, the face of your team or interview presenter – you need to overcome your fears of being on-camera to discover your on screen 3 C’s, 3 V’s and M3
Taking top tips (and live coaching we hope!) from just her just launched book “Confidence on Camera – how to project your Power on any size screen”
Lottie Hearn will help us Press Play on our on-screen persona and learn to enjoy presenting any time that camera is in our business face!
Lottie Hearn is The Confidence on Camera Coach who loves helping you be the best you can be on any camera, for online video, virtual meetings, live video streaming or TV.
With over 25 years’ experience as a performer, presenter, creative producer, trainer and professional speaker, presenters Lottie has trained and can be seen on TV, online and on video across the globe.
She is currently the 2015-16 President of the Professional Speaking Association Ireland Branch –  keynoting at their UK annual conference this October.
Booking is open now, so don’t forget to grab your place!