New Years Resolutions – SWIBN style!


We start off the year with great intentions to sort out some New year’s resolutions. In order to get the best out of this month’s event, some homework to prepare (no one said it would be easy!).

 In preparation for the Networking session, consider:

· Who do you want to do business with in SWIBN this year?

· Who have you come here to meet tonight? Have you checked if they’re coming?

· What have you been putting off that you’re going to tackle in 2013 whether professionally or personally?

· How can you make the most of SWIBN to help you with your challenges?

· How can you engage with SWIBN in between the monthly events?

Guest Speaker – Kay Baxter, Health & Safety Authority – BeSMART;

Followed by SWIBN members Mary Darlington of Darlington Consulting and Geraldine McGovern of SafetyWise Advice Services who will offer help and advice to SWIBN. Mary has promised me that she makes Health and Safety exciting and interesting…so we wait with baited breath!
See you!