Get your Zing on! with SWIBN this November 27th!

Come and experience a new concept, Network Zing (introduced by UK expert Zella King) and let’s go to work on your challenge together…

What you will come away with:

Leave knowing: having learned key skills for how to problem-solve creatively; and (ideally) think about and use your network to do that by (1) making new connections (2) using existing connections

Leave feeling:
er well…zestier! Alive to possibilities. Optimistic about seeing solutions to
your challenges Collaborative. Conversational. Curious.

What you should bring:

A business challenge/a problem/ something you are finding difficult to solve.
An idea you are thinking about and would like to test out and develop safely

What’s next:

Zella will be available the following morning, Wed Nov 28th
from 8.30am to 10.30am so if you would like you can pop back to The Glasshouse
for a follow-up session.

Register now via Eventbrite – clkick this link or paste it into your browser: