Old Fashioned Networking Sept 27th, with Ruth Daly of Sort it

Why come and network with us? Social media marketing has been a ‘game changer’ for networking. Suddenly we can network instantly, delightfully and globally, in the comfort of our homes. Networking face to face can seem hard work by comparison. But the question is, can you afford to discount it? Who can underestimate the impact of a warm handshake, a genuine smile, a good listening ear? This is how we start real relationships and being honest, this is how we chose who we want to do business with. Yes, the internet has propelled us forward but at SWIBN, it doesn’t replace good old fashioned networking. The SWIBN Challenge: 50 people in one room for 90 mins This is an open invitation: We’re inviting anyone who’s got/or planning to set up a business in the region. How widely can you cast your net? If you talk to just 10 people (you might know them but you’ll have something new to communicate/remind them about) and they share your information with 3 people they know, that’s potentially 30 contacts you can follow up right away. Not bad for the cost, which is just 2 hours of your time. This is a FREE event, thanks to the County Enterprise Board. What you need to do: Just come and enjoy yourself. Ruth Daly of Sort it will be running the session, so you’re in professional hands. Bring a business card and ideally a friend or colleague (that’s your networking already started) Oh, and if you have a premises, we’d love you to put out our flyer and feel free to enthuse others.