Social Media business marketing course


Following on the from the success of the May SWIBN Social Media workshop, Sligo Enterprise have offered to run two further series of three half day sessions for the Sligo Women in Business Network.

One of our members, Debbie Woodward from Logis Media is delivering the training course –

In our first session, we explored how to use LinkedIn more effectively and also how to setup a YouTube Channel and upload videos for our business. We’re looking forward to next week where we will be finding out all about Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Pernille Burns
    Pernille Burns says:

    I am really enjoying the social media workshop and have finally set up my business facebook page and got my website up and running! Thank you SWIBN and Debbie,
    Pernille Burns

  2. Debbie Woodward
    Debbie Woodward says:

    Thank you for uploading this post Amanda. I really enjoyed delivering this course, it was great to see the SWIBN ladies getting comfortable using Social Media Marketing for their businesses!

  3. Sharon Eastwood
    Sharon Eastwood says:

    Hi – this has been a great 3 day course. Not yet at captain standard, I will now happily sail through web, blogs, tweets and facebook pages etc. Thanks to County bEnterprise Board, SWIBN and Debbie for all of this.

  4. PhysioSligo
    PhysioSligo says:

    Just attended the the three-day Social Media workshop. Really enjoyed the interaction and recognise tons more to learn. Looking forward to putting into practice in North West Physio. Thanks to Debbie of Logis Media, SWIBN and County Enterprise Board. Carmel Scott

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