Bonnie Horsman of New Way Solutions created an interactive evening for members

Bonnie encouraged us to think about how we can develop our businesses and make ourselves less dependent on depleting resources (oil etc). She highlighted policy coming down the tracks which will make this issue impossible to ignore. Large organisations are making considerable changes. If we are to continue to be their suppliers, we will be expected to meet their new targets which demands that we make changes too.

As consumers, the Shopping Tree exercise (see pic) helped raise awareness of just how far some of our own purchasing travels. The question it raises is, what is necessary and what isn’t?
A cake bought in a local farmers market goes up the tree when you consider that you drive 2 miles to the market. What planning changes could mean the option of cycling the short distance?
Potatoes, locally produced, bought in a shop are packed in plastic which comes from where? At what cost?
Ask yourself this.
“What would reduce the ecological footprint of the whole buying process?”
Food for thought indeed.
Thanks Bonnie for your vision, positivity and importantly, your call to action.