Questionnaire – what you told us about SWIBN

Thank you for taking the time to fill in our online questionnaire. And yes, we are listening. Based on your feedback, here is what you need in the coming months.

41% of you described your level of ‘trust’ within the group to be higher than other networks. 54% of you see SWIBN’s advantage as being a place where you can share ideas, resources and knowledge.
Our objective will be to build on the level of trust, build on your desire to share, by creating more networking opportunities at events and outside of it. Tuesday night threw up some great new ideas so we now have plenty to get started with.
We are a ‘women only’ group and you seem to like this…describing the positives as supportive, common business issues, recognisable life-styles. However you recognise too that mixing with other groups is good for business.
Our objective will be to plan for a couple of events in which we invite/include other networks (possibly with a few men thrown in!)

22% of you see the network’s role to help you build your knowledge/skills and 27% of you see finance as your key need.
Our objective will be to plan two events in which we look at aspects of business finance most likely to be impacting on your ability to plan your business forward.
22% of you also see the network’s role key role in building your confidence and maintaining your commitment to your business.
Our objective will be to provide space at every event for all members to raise issues, get feedback and communicate news. Watch out you will be called upon to speak!

And finally, nearly half of you admit that what determines whether you come out on a Tuesday night is ‘who’s speaking’.
Our objective will be to continue to inspire, educate and surprise you with fresh and exciting speakers for the next 6 months.

And finally… finally, we can do our bit to help SWIBN grow but so can you.
Here’s your objective:
If you know a great speaker is on the cards, tell a friend, get her to come with you – she could be Sligo’s most successful entrepreneur in waiting…she just needs a little encouragement from you.
See you next month – Tuesday June 29th. Details to follow.
Thank you
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  1. susan bourke
    susan bourke says:

    sounds great this is the era of the Individual Capitalist so we all need to help each other and learn from each other the best way forward

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