Celebratory meeting- Tues 25th May 2010

We want to talk about our noisiest networking event yet…and to suggest what you can do to make sure that it is.

Simply this, ask someone to come with you. That way, by the end of the evening new people will know about you and your business.

Need to let them know what to expect?

Here’s our plan…

7.30pm We welcome you and we have a few announcements to make
You introduce yourself, your business and the person you’ve brought

to the whole room
We’ll review your priorities by examining responses to the questionnaire
Tea / Coffee – a chance to chat: networking activity 1
Group brainstorming: networking activity 2

We are delighted to be re-appointed by the County Enterprise Board and would like to thank so many of you for your positive endorsements of our work over the last 12 months. We really enjoy contributing to a re-energised SWIBN and we will continue to bring our own brand of enthusiasm and challenge to you for the remainder of 2010.

We’d also like to acknowledge Liam Kiely at Sligo CEB and thank him for his ongoing commitment to the development SWIBN, for the funding which allows us to offer FREE events for members at a time when budgets are so tight. We owe it to each other to make the most of this resource.

Thank you – Amanda and Oonagh (SWIBN Facilitators)