When Many Heads are Better than One

Mary Whelan of the creativethinkingnetwork in action at SWIBN/ March 30th 2010. Photographs Frances Muldoon

The last 12 months has proved one thing. Members get real value from meeting and sharing ideas. It’s not surprising given that many of us work on our own and have limited opportunity to bounce ideas around. Feedback consistently highlights this ‘positive group effect’. We invited Mary to run a short workshop to build our skills around ‘idea generation’ and in so doing, help us to profit from our network’s biggest asset.
Mary ran 3 distinct exercises and here’s what you liked:
  • Her Seekers/Finders game. Beneficial and value for money
  • Workshop was inspiring, practical and fun
  • Got the brain going – take all ideas (even the wild ones) on board
  • Ideas came from people in different businesses
  • Got one great idea from our speed dating
  • Mary’s techniques are new in themselves – would love to work with her again
Could your business benefit from being blitzed by ideas? Mary says it’s simple and anyone can do it. The key is to have an open mind and the right attitude – as Henry Ford famously said ” whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”.
From the newly re-named Sligo Women in Business Creative Network (SWBCN)!