SWIBN re-launch May 2009

Photographer Carl Brennan/The Sligo Champion

35 businesswomen created a real buzz at the first meeting at the Glasshouse in May. Terri Scott , President of the IT arrived saying that she didn’t have to ask the way, she followed the noise to the top floor. A ‘Just a minute networking’ activity gave everyone the chance to perfect their ‘business pitch’. Linda Moffitt from Vision Interiors, www.visioninteriors.ie commented on what she’d learned from the event: ” get the business message across and not to be embarrassed about it”. Affirming this Oona Doherty, successful salon owner, www.oonadoherty.com says “be definite in asking for business”.

Asked about the benefits of an active women’s network in Sligo, Joan Ward of Sligo Office Supplies, www.sligoofficesupplies.ie believes that even if you are established, there are always new customers. Helena Perceval, one half of culinary business venture, Quirky Cooks says the network is ideal for getting women taking about her new Temple House, www.templehouse.ie, cookery demonstrations.

by Amanda Scott Facilitator